What We Do

The business commenced as People Power Cleaning Services and focused on providing commercial, residential and office cleaning, such as bond cleaning, office cleans and one off residential cleans. In the past year, PPS decided to change its company structure to a Not for Profit Company limited by Guarantee (which more closely aligned with our social enterprise roots) and to broaden our services to include such services as carpet cleaning and pest management. In line with this expanded business scope and changing governance structure, we also altered our name from People Power Cleaning to People Power Services Ltd. 

PPS is a not-for- profit organisation providing employment and training opportunities to the refugee community.

In dedication to securing education and employment for refugees, we work closely with organisations including the Rwanda Association of Queensland Inc. and ACCESS Services Inc. Our mission is to assist members of our refugee community in gaining skills, qualifications and full time employment. We are able to asist members with significant barriers to employment, such as those with poor English language skills or lacking work experience in Australia.

Our team are diverse and can speak a range of different laguages including:

  • French
  • Kirundi
  • Swahili
  • Kinyarwanda
  • Sudanese Arabic
  • Dinka
  • Amharic
  • Somali
  • Lingala
  • Liberian English

For more information about our community services programs or seek employment opportunities please contact Pacifique Gakindi on 0419786406.

Bond cleaning/ House cleaning

Whether you’re the owner or a tenant, your home is your sanctuary. You want to come home to a space that smells and feels clean, especially after a hard day on the job.

Yet, would you want to spend your precious home time cleaning? You’d rather engage a professional you can rely on so you can do more of what matters most.

If you’re a tenant you have an obligation to keep your rental property clean, not just for the owner but for yourself too. And when you vacate you want to make certain the full amount of your bond is returned, no questions asked.

Carpet cleaning

Ever tried walking on a sticky floor or dirty carpets? If you have, you know exactly what we’re talking about. If you can’t walk around your carpet without noticing that dirty mark and that sticky feeling beneath your feet, then your floors need some attention. Our specialist carpet cleaners use environmental-friendly products and deep cleaning technology that allows you to walk on your carpet in the shortest possible time.

Whether at home, schools or day care, children will love you for providing them with a floor they can sit and play with their toys on. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing they will not pick up any of the nasty bugs that inhabit floors not properly cleaned.


At the workplace, employees will feel safe and motivated when they walk on a clean carpet at the start of the day. Imagine the trust and confidence you gain, not just from your team, but from your clients and visitors, as they walk in, and welcomed by a carpet that looks and smells clean and fresh.

Commercial cleaning

 High quality commercial cleaning services to offices, factories and warehouses. 

Event cleaning

Queensland is reputable not only for good weather but for its great outdoors, where people relax, gather and organise markets and events.

Whether it’s a small gathering at home, or a big function outdoor, you can rely on our professional cleaners to clean, tidy, deodorise and disinfect your venue. Leave the dirty work to us so you can focus on your event.

Pest Control

People Power Cleaning Services cover all of your pest control needs. No problem too big or small. All pests gone.


Handyman Services

Call us for various handyman services.

Garden Services/Lawn Mowing

Regular garden and lawn maintenance 

Minor electrical services​

We also provide basic electrical services.

Car Washing and Detailing​

High quality cleaning service with attention to detail.  People Power Services also undertakes a range of community development activities aimed at offering wrap around support and assistance to newly arrived migrants and refugees.