People Power cleaning Services was officially launched by a group of African community members in 2010 following high unemployment rates within the community. The intended objective of the social enterprise is to provide semi skilled jobs and training to vulnerable people such as:

          • Refugees
          • Youth
          • Homeless
          • Mental health

We offer a springboard for new migrants and refugees to gain local employment, experience and confidence.
In addition to providing job search assistance, driver education training and job preparation support and
training, PPS also offers direct work experience and employment through the creation and development of a
social enterprise that delivers outstanding cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients.

What We Provide

By providing employment and training in semi-skilled jobs, People Power cleaning services is able to assist in:

    • Combating unemployment
    • Alleviating poverty
    • Solving housing issues through education of house maintenance
    • Fighting health issues (mental health) through providing jobs
    • Providing social exposure, inclusion and acceptance


Whenever you start a new there’s always anxiety no matter how excited you are. It comes from the uncertainty of finding employment, irrespective your confidence, skills or qualifications.

With PPS, we’re investing our profits to helping refugees and migrants make a start. We’re eliminating the barriers that prevent you from finding your first local experience, whether it’s the language, driving skills, lack of opportunities or training.

Because we know that once you find your place, both your purpose and courage begin to swell and your new-found confidence will drive you to building a better future – for yourself, for your family and for the Australian community.

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