People Power Services


People Power Services main goal is to provide disability services that help NDIS participants live more meaningful lives and achieve their dreams.

Queensland Disability Services

People Power Services respects and values every individual’s desire to live independently. At People Power Services, our primary focus is on our clients’ needs and desired outcomes. As a result, we provide a comprehensive range of individualized support services to people with special needs.

Smoother Life

Enhancing your daily experiences with comprehensive support and tailored solutions.

Household Tasks

Empowering participants with personalized assistance and compassionate care.


Breaking language barriers, our interpreter services ensure seamless communication.


Enriching your leisure time with engaging activities and meaningful social connections.


Providing safe and reliable transportation services for seamless mobility.


Providing a well-deserved break for caregivers, fostering a balanced well-being.

Areas We Service

Our mission is to make care and support an enjoyable experience.